welcome to my blog!
Florida will always be my home.♥
I love surrounding myself with positive people, so please don't bring any negativity to this page!
Plant love and grow peace!!
I am very blessed with everything that I have!
I want to thank you guys for all the amazing love you give me. I love each of you, hehe! ♥
*free hugs and kisses*
Muah! :]

thetexasgomezanon asked: i love you.<3

Luv you more! <3 <3

glam0rous-dreams asked: check your dms on twitter? from @xarianateam? :] xxx

Alright! Xo

Btw, how was your day? :]

trapicalz asked: sigh, you would make soooo happy if you followed me on instagram..

What’s your username? :]

Anonymous asked: i saw rumors about a tour on twitter, & the 1st thing i thought was shes going to be so tired if she does my poor baby! if u ever do just know that if u come to the oracle arena in oakland i will pay for everything and walk to the arena bc its about a 30 minute walk & just to see you live and hold a sign that says "you said you would marry me" (hehe check ur archive). even tho u have a lot of husbands im ur fave right? jk. love u with all my heart hopefully u know that & will get to read this <3

You’re my fave :*

Love you too! XO

awhjanoskians asked: Ariana this girl on twitter is starting to be mean to me because she said you dont have a tumblr i dunno what to say because you dont want people to know?Xo

You don’t have to say anything at all! Just please don’t let it get to you!! <3


My husband leaves me these cute little notes all over the house &lt;3 (Taken with Instagram)
trapicalz asked: i want to go to your house, cuddle, eat macaroons, and listen to channel orange. that would be great.

Sounds like a plan!! :] <3

Anonymous asked: is it bad / weird that me and my boyfriend used to fight over you? haha you're just too pretty. & if i sent you my twitter, would you follow me? :)

Aw, that’s the cutest thing ever!! Totally not weird! Haha, send me your username! :] Xo

awhjanoskians asked: I love you (:

Love u more!! Xoxo

glam0rous-dreams asked: thank you for inspiring me. x

<3 :*

Anonymous asked: a llama LMFAO really ari?